Man Encounters Two Bald Eagles Fighting to the Death in The Middle of Road

If there’s one thing you don’t want to get in the middle of, it’s a throwdown between two national birds.

Videos by Rare

Clearly, they will fight to the death.

That’s what one man discovered when he stumbled across two bald eagles, scrapping, in the middle of the road. It took place somewhere in British Columbia, Canada.

That’s right, the official bird of the U.S. hangs out in Canada. And apparently, it can get pretty testy wherever it is.

Fortunately, the individual who captured the videos, Kevin Atkinson, said each of the combatants escaped alive — though clearly, both had other ideas.

Eagles Fight It Out

“This doesn’t happen everyday! Two bald eagles locked up in an epic battle,” he wrote. “They were going at it for a while, when they finally separated the one in good shape and flew away, the other is down by our pond recovering.”

In one of the videos, you can see a dog nearby, sniffing around but otherwise minding its own business. A quick move by one of the birds started the pup, but only briefly.

In the end, it seems everyone managed to move on, though not everyone involved did not do so unscathed.

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