Some Lunatic is Selling Frozen Clam Chowder Popsicles, and We’re So Grossed Out

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Ew. Nope. Pass, hard pass. This is just wrong. The internet has gone too far, so much so that just looking at this makes me want to throw up and close my computer. Some of y’all have too much time on your hands and this perfectly shows it.

Some lunatic, a maniac, a psycho made a Campbell’s Chunky New England Clam Chowder popsicle. Not only that, but they decided to just nonchalantly sell it online. NAH. This dude is canceled for the rest of 2021. No, you know what, for 2022 too, because this is just absolutely wrong! Whatever happened to regular ice cream?

Clam Chowder Popsicles, Anyone?

I really don’t know how long this horrid popsicle has been making its rounds, but I recently found out about it on Reddit. Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A canned frozen soup, ready to be bitten. As expected, Reddit users and Twitter users immediately went wild which led to a series of hilarious responses. Because this is mental and social media loves this kind of thing.

To sum them up all in one, everyone basically said they were about to call the FBI to arrest whoever posted the popsicle because no one in their right mind would eat this willingly. Seriously. Why would anyone eat this? No matter how much you love clam chowder, there is no way one could eat this frozen, right?

Have Some Frozen Clam Chowder to Help Your Cravings!

You could certainly use this as a torture device. Heck, I’ll tell you anything you want to know if you promise not to make me eat this disgusting looking Chunky clam chowder popsicle. Hey Boston, come get your “frozen treat” enthusiast. Please eat clam chowder the way you’re supposed to and stop trying to be a foodie.

Save that for those who actually know what they are doing and use popsicle molds the way you’re supposed to. Also, just eat clam chowder at a normal temperature, please. Y’all are nasty. I’m done. I’m five seconds away from reporting y’all to the police too.

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