Move Over Roses, Pickle Bouquets Are Apparently a Thing Now!

Well, it looks like the pickle trend is still going strong despite us trying really really hard to stay away from it last year! Turns out, people are saying ‘I Love You’ this year with bouquets…of pickles! Yes, time to say goodbye to the dozen roses and daisies, and say hello to our favorite green, slimy, movie theater snack.

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Is Valentine’s Day a really big ‘dill’ (see what I did there?) for you and your significant other? Well, this is a great time to remind all your loved ones of how much they mean to you with an edible arrangement you can enjoy next to a cold michelada. I mean, sure, flowers are pretty neat and they leave the house smelling wonderful, but pickles are also pretty great. Think of it as a surprise! You never know if the pickle is going to be sweet or sour. Plus, if stored correctly, it won’t die in a week.

Valentine’s Day Looks a Little Different This Year!

Move Over Roses, Pickle Bouquets Are Apparently A Thing Now!
Grillo’s Pickle

So how exactly did this become a thing? Well, Boston-based pickle company, Grillo’s Pickles, is the mastermind behind the invention! Although they aren’t necessarily selling pre-made pickle bouquets, they want their followers to make their own this year. Grillo’s founder and CEO Travis Grillo stated the pickle bouquets are more beautiful than roses, healthier than a standard box of chocolate, and are far more creative. Grillo believes that plenty of people would love a pickle bouquet.

“Grillo’s Hot Italian Dill pickles make it easy for consumers to spice things up with their hottie, while the brand’s Bread & Butter pickles offer a low-cal treat for sweeties nationwide. We know there are a lot of pickle lovers out there that would love nothing more than to get a Valentine’s Day gift loaded with their favorite snack.”

Grillo’s main ingredients came from a 100-year-old recipe from his Italian family that the company uses today, which includes cucumbers, dill, salt, water, garlic, vinegar, and grape leaves. Their special “not so secret” ingredients are garlic and fresh dill that “enhance” the flavor arrangement. Want to try their delicious products? Grillo’s chips and spears are widely known around the U.S and are sold at grocery stores across the county.

Safe to say the reaction on Twitter was quite surprising since many actually thought it was a genius idea. As I said, I don’t know how or why the internet is so obsessed with pickles, but it’s a pretty big thing. Have we forgotten about the damn pickle cheesecake that made the rounds a few months ago?

Twitter Vs. Pickles!

So how exactly can you create a pickle bouquet? Simple, Grillo and his picklists (Is that even a word?) are here to save the day by guiding you step by step by doing the following:

  • 1. Pick up a selection of your favorite variety of pickles. Grillo’s recommends using a few different kinds like dill, hot pickle chips (Which are also available on Amazon, if you don’t have time to go to the grocery store), and a variety of spheres and whole pickles.
  • 2. Arrange the pickle spears and chips into a bouquet shape using bamboo kebab skewers and toothpicks. Don’t forget your Flora Craft Floral Foam that you need to put at the bottom to stick in your toothpicks. That way your dill pickles won’t’ fall everywhere.
  • 3. Garnish with your choice of festive (and delicious) extras! You can use anything from fresh herbs, colorful peppers, carrots, or radishes.

There you have it, the best pickle bouquet you have ever created! Just don’t eat the pickles while you make it because then you’ll have no bouquet and that’s not what we’re aiming for here. Duh. May the pickle odds be ever in your favor, and may your loved one not get any gastritis.

SIDE NOTE: So, I’ll be completely honest here, I love pickles, I do, but a whole bouquet of them? Boy, oh boy, I already feel the heartburn. It’s totally worth it, nothing is stopping me from my obsession with pickles. For those of you who are not a fan of dill, no worries, apparently, 2021 is looking to be the year of unusual bouquets! There’s everything from beer, to bacon, to cotton candy, to chocolate, to donut bouquets all rolled into one! So, we are here to save the day and show you other alternatives to get. Don’t believe me…I have proof!

Bacon Bouquet?

This post was originally published on January 31, 2019.

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