Hidden Valley Ranch Created The Ultimate ‘Ranch’ Swimsuit For Summer Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley

Calling all ranch lovers, your summer has never looked better! If you’re anything like me, you put ranch on everything. Heck, you put ranch on your ranch because it’s just that delicious. It goes well with pretty much everything, especially if you’re eating something salty. Yum, yum, yum!

So, to make sure we have all the essentials this summer Hidden Valley has released their ultimate summer ‘ranch’ collection, including everything from pool floats, beach towels, and swimwear! Yes, there is a giant ranch bottle waiting for you to throw it inside the pool and get on there while eating your chicken wings. It’s truly a dream come true. Because nothing says you’re living life right like floating on a giant bottle of our favorite condiment.

Are you someone who loves to eat pizza with ranch? Say no more, there is a shirt for you! They have taken our obsession for cheese and ranch all in one and put them together on a shirt, that pretty much screams, “I am OBSESSED with this flavor!” Let’s not forget your shorts. Because we all know that you need the swim trunks to match the shirt, so why not get some that also show you love for the delicious dipping sauce?

To my ladies, don’t worry, they have got you covered. There is a one-piece swimsuit that will obviously let everyone know you put ranch on everything too, rocking that beach body all the way! Might as well pair it with a nice Ranch water bottle for when you need to rehydrate. But let’s be real, there’s nothing wrong with putting a good dose of mimosa in there. Sorry not sorry, it’s summer! It’s just a way of life.

Hidden Valley

What better way to celebrate summer than adding a little flavor and humor to it? These Hidden Valley Ranch hilarious talk of the town items will be everywhere. Here is everything offered in their “swag shop”:

  • Pool Float ($35)
  • Beach Tote Bag ($25)
  • Beach Towel ($30)
  • Men’s Swim Trunks ($50)
  • Ranch & Pizza T-Shirt ($45)
  • Women’s One Piece Swimsuit ($50)
  • Ranch Flask ($15)
  • Water Bottle ($15)

Brilliant! Might as well apologize to your bank account already.


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