CROSSNET is a Family-Friendly Game Where Four Square and Volleyball Meet

Once the bell rang for recess, you could count on every kid to run out to the playground for a game of four square. Four square is easily one of the best childhood games of all time. Come on, there has to be an adult four square league somewhere in Austin, right? Another game I loved growing up was volleyball. I grew up playing club volleyball, and I loved every second. Because of these two games, I can’t get enough of CROSSNET.

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CROSSNET is where four square and volleyball meet. CROSSNET is the outdoor game that’s going to get your whole family feeling competitive, and a bit nostalgic. As I was playing, I couldn’t help but tell stories to my coworkers about volleyball and childhood games of four square.

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This four-way volleyball game comes with a four-way net, volleyball, air pump, and a carrying bag. No tools were needed to set the volleyball net up! The competitive four-way game is just like a typical game of volleyball, but the rotation follows the rules of four square.

For example, when a player misplays, they’re eliminated. As people are eliminated, players can get back in the game. (Back to square one, of course). Points are accumulated in square four. To win, a player must score 11 points and win by two points.

This is a competitive game, so show your friends what you got! Control of the ball is critical. In standard volleyball, you can put a lot of power into passes and hits, but the boundary lines make it a challenge to keep the ball in.

It’s a fun game for backyard use (it makes a great beach game as well) and is now available for purchase on Amazon. This is the world’s first version of volleyball and four square combined, so you can only imagine the noise it made when it first came out.

Physical education teachers love introducing volleyball skills to their students with the CROSSNET game. Also, volleyball players travel the country to play in tournaments. I don’t know about you, but if CROSSNET plans a tournament in Miami, I would definitely book a plane ticket now.

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This post was originally published on March 3, 2020.

WATCH: Can you guess which team will win CROSSNET?

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