Moms-to-Be Are Turning Their Ultrasound Images Into Nail Art Instagram: @Salonrecreate
Instagram: @Salonrecreate

Well, it looks like moms-to-be have done it again. New mothers are trying to savor every single moment of being pregnant. So much so that they started to involve nail art. You know those moms, always looking for creative and unique ways to honor their pregnancies and the babies growing inside of them.

Thanks to modern technology you can pretty much do any nail art design you can imagine. This time around new moms are opting for painting their sonograms on their nails. Because well, why not? Nowadays pregnant women are really liking the idea of celebrating every moment of the pregnancy process in a very creative way. This year alone we have seen numerous announcements, photos, videos, baby showers, and huge gender reveal parties that somehow always end up wrong.

Let’s face it, ultrasound images are one of parents most prized possessions, and they want it to last enough to show their friends and their family. What better way to show your child that you’re excited to meet them than showing them pictures of sonogram manicures?

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against sonogram nails, I think it’s pretty cool. But do you know the amount of pressure this nail artist is facing trying to make sure that the line is in the right place and in the right position on the acrylic nail because then it will just look like a jelly bean? Pure talent and stress if you ask me. I hope these nail artists get some a huge tip with it because it’s crazy hard to an ultrasound photo.


I do have to admit that this nail trend doesn’t look so bad, I mean they have been pretty gross beauty trends lately, so I’ll take this one. Because it doesn’t involve things such as saving their bundle of joy’s umbilical cord and turning it into jewelry. That’s just gross. But these simple nails, yeah sure why not.


So what do you say, would you ever try sonogram nails?

This article was originally published on January 2, 2020.

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