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Videos by Rare

At this point it seems pretty clear that our new “Coronavirus normal” isn’t going anywhere for a while. As the pandemic numbers continue to ebb and flow and the CDC asks us to continue social distancing and remain vigilant it looks like we’re going to need to make the temporary measures we all adopted to stop the spread of COVID-19 a little more permanent. With that in mind, you might as well upgrade your face mask from the random layers of fabric you had laying around the house to something a little more utility and durability than the cotton masks and cheap surgical face masks most people are wearing.

The disposable surgical masks and DIY cloth face coverings (i.e. an old bandana you wore to a music festival seven years ago that you now tie around your face every time you go to the grocery store) were fine for the temporary, but the cloth masks and coffee filter-esque disposables are not a long-term solution to our face mask needs. Not to mention they’re uncomfortable and inconvenient.

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Enter sippyMASK, the only mask that was created with the understanding that people sort of hate having to wear these things, even though the mask use is necessary.

As the creators of the sippyMASK explain on their site, “We talked about how we missed going to restaurants and bars and how difficult it would be to eat and drink while wearing masks when they reopened. Were we really going to have to take our masks off between every bite of food or sip of our drink? We looked online for a mask that would allow us to eat and drink without having to remove it, and while we found some with small slits for straws and others with mouth covers that were extremely difficult to remove, no mask worked in real life or looked like something we would want to wear. So we decided to make our own.”

sippyMASK fabric masks are washable, reusable masks with a flap on them so that you can eat and drink while you’re out and about without the hassle of having to lift up, lower, or take off your face mask.

Made from neoprene with a cotton fabric liner, the “mouth hatch” on the sippyMASK is held closed and tight with a magnet when you don’t have a beer to sip or some mozzarella sticks to snack on. No sneezes or coughs are going to blow that bad boy open.

The sippyMASK comes in four colors — black, pink, blue, and grey — and has black ear loops and trim.


It should be noted that while sippyMASK is the perfect Coronavirus safety accessory for the average person, it is not a medical-grade mask for healthcare workers. The sippyMASK is not a medical-grade PPE. It’s great for civilian use. If you’re one of the medical professionals, frontline workers, or first responders on the front lines of the fight against the bat germs currently ravaging our world, you’ll need to wear face masks that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deems suitable for health care professionals and other health workers.

ALSO, keep the flap closed when you’re not taking a sip or having a nibble. Otherwise the whole thing is kind of pointless.)

But assuming you’re not out there attempting to save all of humanity from the fallout of the world’s worst run butcher shop and are instead just trying to enjoy coffee and a muffin on a café patio, sippyMASK is your go-to option. So ditch the homemade mask that’s really just a t-shirt sleeve you tore off and slide over your head every time you leave the house. Forget the questionable handmade Etsy reusable face masks. Don’t overpay on some fashion brand’s weird, pleated medical mask trying to make the wearer look pandemic chic. And quit filling landfills with the single-use disposables. Get your own face mask that’s useful, reusable, and convenient.

Whether you’re in New York, Texas, or the middle of nowhere there’s just not a mask that’s going to let you dominate Coronavirus life like the sippyMASK.

Also remember that while wearing a face mask is a great way to curb the spread of COVID-19, it’s not the only precaution that must be taken. Practice social distancing, wash your hands, and self-isolate if you’ve come into contact with someone who has or had the Coronavirus.

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