Doctors are Urging Women NOT to Put Popsicles Up Their Vaginas To Cool Down During Summer

Hey women, I get it. It’s hot. So so freaking hot that you would do anything to cool down. Heck, you can’t even walk down the street without sweating a bit here and there. Especially if you’re from the South, it’s been literal hell this summer and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse from here. The heatwave is real, ladies.

Naturally, as many of us do, we like to cool down by either going to a place that has the AC at full blast like the movie theater, or we take a nice trip to the pool and enjoy some good cool water. But what we are not going to do is cooldown by sticking popsicles up our vagina! Yes, apparently so many women are doing this for some gross and odd reason that doctors have had enough and are urging everyone to stop it.

So, here is the break down as to why you shouldn’t put popsicle, ice lollies, ice pops, or whatever you want to call them up your vagina. Which I can’t believe I even to write this, but I’m gonna do it to save a few lives here and there. Basically, you may think you are putting something cool and refreshing on…better yet into your body. BUT, according to Dr. Sarah Welsh, co-founder of Hanx condom brand, the vagina is composed of highly delicate and sensitive skin.

Meaning, although things may seem innocent to the area of the body, if they come in contact with the vagina, it can cause irritation, infections, and severe damage. Now, I am no condom expert or gynecologist to tell you that there are quite a few things that shouldn’t go up your lady parts, such as wasps nest or garlic knots (yes, this is an actual thing), but I can assure you that ice popsicles are not meant to go up there. The ice can stick to the delicate skin of the vagina and cause real trauma and severe damage.

Let’s not forget that putting ANYTHING up your private parts can introduce several microbes, disrupting its “normal balance” and allowing an environment for bacterial vaginosis to grow and infections to develop. The ice pops can also play havoc with the natural vaginal pH, which can cause irritation or thrush and of course the whole melting situation, which can ultimately lead to a possible break and cause damage.


In conclusion, just stop putting things up your vagina that should not go up there. Stick to cold showers, condoms, tampons, vibrators, and well…you know.

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