Meet the Texas Twins Who Were Born in Two Different Years: ‘It’s Hilarious’

Kali Jo Flewellen

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A mother from Denton, Texas was brought in for a C-section a week before her due date, and the result is hilarious. Kali Jo Scott gave birth to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital’s last newborn baby of 2022 — and it’s first of 2023. Kali and her husband Cliff are overjoyed about having twins born in different years, even calling it “hilarious.”

Annie Jo was born at 11:55 pm on December 31, 2022. Her sister, Effie Rose, was born at 12:01 am on January 1, 2023. Both Capricorn babies came out weighing 5.5 lbs.

Kali Scott said that she and Cliff had joked about the possibility of their twins being born in different years over New Year’s Eve but didn’t realize it would actually happen.

“I love it. I think it is hilarious and just super fun,” she told Fox News. She added that having different birthdays will help the twins keep a sense of personal identity.

“You always still want to make sure they have their own individual personality and know that they are special and unique,” said Scott. “So, this gets to add to that special and uniqueness that some twins don’t maybe get. One will always get the glitter and confetti of New Year’s Eve and one gets to kick it off with a brand-new year on New Year’s Day.”

Annie Jo Scott Was Born in 2022 and Twin Sister Effie Rose Was Born in 2023

However, the couple noted that some friends have brought up the question of tax deductions. Since one baby was born in 2022, they can’t claim both until the next year.

“But I think that’s just fine,” said the new momma. “There are some people who, that is their first thought, and that was certainly not ours.”

Kali Scott did give a look of surprise when the Fox News reporter brought up sports, however. Some teams go by year when determining age groups.

The couple also said that their entire family was excited about the different birthdays except for Cliff’s grandma, who they said was hoping for a more “traditional, same-day.”

“She’s of course very happy,” added Scott.

We sometimes hear about Irish Twins — twins born 9 months apart but in the same year. But what do you call twins born in different years? According to the BBC, twins being born in different years is a one in 2 million chance occurrence.

For astrology buffs who look at individual days, there’s a well-regarded book called The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary and Aron Goldshneider. They call December 31st “The Day of Aesthetic Promotion” and January 1st “The Day of the Emotional Organizer.” Although the days come right after the other, the listed personal qualities are quite different. They also have an online app if you want to learn more.

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