Inside The Henry Winkler, Stacey Weitzman 40-Year-Marriage

Happy Days cool guy Henry Winkler, better known as The Fonz has sustained a 40-year marriage. It was allegedly love at first sight.

The year was 1976 when Henry Winkler first met wife Stacey Weitzman. The now 76-year-old was shopping in Los Angeles for a sport coat. He had asked her for assistance and he took her advice. Winkler asked her to grab a drink with him. But, not that kind of drink. He asked her out for a soda. And when she said yes, they went across the street to have ginger ales together. They’ve haven’t been apart much since. Within a month of their meeting, the two were living together with Stacey’s 4-year-old-son, Jed Weitzman.

They married in May of 1978. They later welcomed Zoe Emily in 1980 and a son Max Winkler in 1983. Stacey and The Fonz remained together throughout Happy Days taping. Winkler credits his wife for always being at his side.

She also has some acting credits under her belt. She had a role in The Touch and voiced a character in As Told by Ginger

 She has been a support for his roles like Barry, the HBO show and was along for the ride when he won an Emmy award. But, the truest testament to their relationship is enjoying each other’s company. They have grandchildren, enjoy films, and spend time with each other. of his family he says,

“I’m thrilled to be on this earth,” he said. “I’m thrilled with my family and I’m thrilled to be doing great work.”

That work continued in 1998 when Stacy was diagnosed in with Breast Cancer. He and their children weathered the story like a family and Stacey’s diagnosis quickly went into remission. But in 2001, the breast cancer returned and Stacey underwent a double mastectomy. Life has challenged and changed their relationship.

 “We’re not the same people we were when we got married…. It does take work. There are glitches in the road, and you get a little off kilter, but if you have the ability and the stick-to-itiveness based on love, then your friendship and your relationship only get better.”

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