A Hilarious Video of Bill Gates Dancing in 1995 Is Going Around The Internet

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For better or worse, the world cannot get enough of a younger Bill Gates and his dance routine.

So once again, a video of Gates breaking out some moves is going viral. It stems from the Microsoft Windows 95 launch, which took place precisely 27 years ago. Gates, 66, was 39-years-old at the time.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Of course, Gates wasn’t quite as animated as former Microsoft CEO and current Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, as the video reveals. But for the stiff-as-a-bored Gates, it was definitely something. Still, you have to admit that he has quite the moves, who would have thought? What can I say…billionaires, they are really just like us!

Bill Got The Moves

Of course, anyone would probably dance if they went from being everyday wealthy to superbly, extraordinarily rich — which was likely the case on this day. So wild!

Bill Gates’ decision to shake a leg came during a private party announcing the launch. Little did he know at the time that there would be an Internet, and on the Internet, nothing is private.

That includes something as comical as some bad moves in 1995.

Windows 95 Launch

Gates recently went viral after he praised Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci is set to leave the US government at the end of the year. Gates decided to show his appreciation Twitter, writing, “Tony, you were an amazing public servant long before COVID-19 struck – and now you are a hero to millions of people, including me.”

Both have collaborated several times over the past decade. They have issued several topics since the start of COVID such as the development of the vaccine. The two also worked together on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations’ Global Vaccine Action Plan with Dr. Fauci serving on the leadership council from 2010 to 2012.

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