Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Reportedly Won’t Be Returning To ‘GMA3’

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Amy Robach and T.J. Holms are reportedly leaving ABC amid several weeks of discussion about their supposed romance. According to TMZ, they have been following a “marathon meditation session,” where it’s been decided that the anchors will not be returning to GMA3. The website went on to add that they have severed ties with the Broadcasting Company and will both “receive payouts per their contracts.”

Several insiders within the company describe the mediation as being “extremely contentious,” with ABC Representatives allegedly accusing both of the anchors of various forms of misconduct.  One source allegedly told TMZ that the whole thing was a “witch hunt”

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Videos by Rare

One of the several accusations about Robach alleged was that she had liquor in her dressing room, but some sources called it “ridiculous” saying that the bottles had been sent from ABC executives. The insider went on to insist it was just a way to get rid of the reporter since bottles of liquor had also been sent to other on-air staff and said well.

Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Reportedly Won’t Be Returning To ‘GMA3’

Another accusation against Robach stated that she allegedly went to the college football national championship game a year ago and then reportedly “came to work the next day drunk.”  However, a source went on to call the allegations “insane,” insisting that she was just tired.

Both Holmes and Robach have been accused of not handling their “ romance appropriately,” and waiting too long to disclose it to ABC executives. ABC allegedly stated that their behavior on set was “uncomfortable”  for several staff members, according to TMZ.

The duo, whose romance was revealed at the end of November, had been pulled off the air while several bosses investigated the alleged affair.  It was revealed just last month that Holmes had indeed filed for a divorce from his wife Marilee Fiebig after 12 years of marriage. The two wed back in 2010 and share a daughter, Sabine, together. Holmes is also Father to Jaiden and Brianna from his first marriage to Amy Ferson. 

Robach married Andrew Shue in 2010 and reportedly split last year.

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  1. This is ridiculous, who cares who is dating who? Are they good broadcasters should be the only standard for the ABC execs, Private lives should be no one’s business as long as they are not breaking the law. Dating someone in the office is all over the place and getting divorced is their business. WE all had a President do much worse !! Bring them back, they are good at what they do and that is what the audience wants good broadcasters. This is NOT FOX news that pulls this nonsense. Unfortunately, 50% of marriages do not make it so why should they be any different?

    • Umm their spouses and children. Please!!🤣🤣. If that was your man doing that you’d be crying to all your friends 🤣🤣🤣🙄

  2. This is the most rediculous news I have ever heard. Two consenting adults do not have to answer to their job. Many people are romantically involved with people they work with and its no one’s business who they sleep with as long as they perform their work duties. ABC is wrong

  3. Every time I really enjoy a news caster someone on that network makes it bad for them and they are let go. It happen to Ann Curry and Tamron Hall on the Today Show I stopped watching And Went To GMA. Now I guess I’ll go to CBS….

    • It’s not like they are innocent victims. They are both married. And they chose to forget that they have a spouse at home waiting for them. GMA fired them not just because they were having a affair. But because they had a affair for a while during working hours and when they were covering a news story on location. Their affair left the network open for lawsuits from the spouses for allowing them to screw around when they should of been home. Firing them both shows the spouses that they took the affair seriously. And it showed the other host that they won’t tolerate bad behavior from their anchors and reporters.

      • That’s BS I’m sure they aren’t the only ones, no one has the right to judge, your not God and he’s the only with that has that right, their affair had no affect on there jobs, it’s pathetic that they are doing that, I definitely will not watch gma3 anymore. Consulting adults.

  4. ABC news should be embarrassed at how they handled this situation! Two adults should be able to make their own decisions! I will be thinking twice about watching GMAC without them!

    • It shows the other anchors and reporters and all other people involved in the making of the program that they take NOT being faithful while on company time a fire able offense. It makes me actually want to start watching GMA. It probably wouldn’t of mattered if they weren’t married. And if they hadn’t done it all on company time. People need to realize that being married is a commitment. If you aren’t in love and your interested in sleeping with someone other then your spouse. Be smart and at least file for separation or divorce first. Otherwise your a Ho.

  5. Won’t be watching GMA3 any longer. The people they have on there now are boring. How are they judge what grown people do. Truly ridiculous.

  6. I’m not enjoying GMA much without TJ . He and Amy couldn’t help falling in love and shouldn’t be punished. Their private lives aren’t anyone’s business.

  7. Don’t watch gma anymore. None of it if they are judgemental about personal and private lives especially since there is no clause about coworkers dating. Someone got jealous or like they say used this as an excuse to rid one or both for non business reasons. Hope other viewers will pass on gma. CBS expect new viewers. I don’t believe in cheating but it’s not my business and spiritually I try not to judge.

  8. I agree with THE ABC decision. White Women should not be permitted to have a sexuall relationship with Black or Brown Men. Keep it strictly White with White.

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