Ben Stiller Returns as ‘Ridiculously Good Looking’ Zoolander in Pepsi Super Bowl Ad

Derek Zoolander is back and he is still “really, really, really ridiculously good-looking!” 

Ben Stiller, who first appeared as a supermodel character in 2001 for the movies Zoolander and the sequel in 2006, is putting his blue-steel face once again, this time for Pepsi’s new Super Bowl LVII ad. 

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

According to the actor,  playing the character once again came naturally to him saying that the self-obsessed character would feel right at home in today’s “me-focused zeitgeist”.” 

Zoolander Returns!

“The idea of him staring at himself, at his reflection, and just being kind of enthralled by his own reflection is kind of probably a little bit indicative of where we are at as a society these days,” Stiller told CNN.

“I think in the age of social media and selfies, and how people are kind of obsessed with their images, he makes sense now,” Stiller revealed. He went on to add that Zoolander was likely “ahead of his time” in that respect.

But the character is still a classic, with the movie going viral on TikTok showing it is a true classic. Apparently, his daughter recently showed him a trend that calls back to a scene in the film when Zoolander comes face to face with his nemesis Hansel, played by Owen Wilson, during a confrontation.

Zoolander Goes Viral on TikTok

In the TikTok videos, singer Timbaland’s “Give It To Me” plays as a user reenacts the scene when Hansel bumps into Zoolander. That’s when Hansel replies, “Excuse me, Brah.”  Steelers stated that seeing Zoolander, which was released 20 years ago, speak to the new generation was “kind of cool.”

 The question here is Will Zoolander make another appearance soon? 

“You never rule anything out,” Stiller said, stating there were  “no active plans right now” to add another “Zoolander.” .

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