Viral Gender Reveal Fireworks Spark Controversy: Baby Celebration or Forest Fire?

Social media trends are more difficult to keep up with than the Kardashians and the Joneses. Every facet of the human experience must be dripping in “aesthetic” and apparently, babies have now been roped into the melodramatics — specifically, their gender reveals.

Growing Debates

Several videos of these parties have gone viral on social media sparking discourse among their viewers. The unsanctioned and possibly dangerous use of pyrotechnics can often result in large fires if handled incorrectly.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Nearly three years ago, a couple was charged with over thirty crimes for the devastation their gender celebration caused. Their use of fireworks engulfed thousands of acres of El Dorado, California in flames. Though the Golden State is used to the natural occurrence of wildfires due to its typically hot and dry climate, these explosive displays are a new threat to the health and safety of anyone in the vicinity.

As users continue to post and share these parties, commentators are beginning to condemn the couples that participate in this trend. This faux pas of flaming proportions has sparked a conversation about the necessity of gender reveals.

Opposite Angles

Some say that the festivities are nothing more than an overindulged display of wealth and privilege while others liken the celebration to that of a baby shower.

“I can’t stand people who overexaggerate their life decisions,” one user commented. Viewers that agreed flooded the replies with affirming emojis and subtle words of concurrence. Other comments poured out their support for expecting parents, calling every disapproving eye “jealous” and “miserable.”

Is a gender-reveal fireworks display really that bad? Do they really cause wildfires? Are people that are against them just relatively unhappy with themselves? These are popular questions with a lot of different perspectives and viewers are duking out in the comments and threads of several different platforms.

Cute and creative or christened calamity? What do you think?

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What do you think?

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