Heidi Klum and Daughter Pose Together For Lingerie Photo Shoot


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Model and actress Heid Klum hasn’t lost her love for lingerie.

That much is evident in a new ad campaign from Intimissimi, an Italian clothing company in which Klum clearly believes. So much so that Klum, 49, posed in lingerie alongside daughter Leni, 18, a fashion model herself.

“Together with @intimissimiofficial we celebrate women; the love and support between a mother and her daughter; and how confident, beautiful and happy lingerie can make you feel,” Klum wrote in a caption on Instagram. “Check out our favorite styles online and in all Intimissimi stores and explore ‘the art of Italian lingerie.'”

Heidi Klum and Daughter Pose For Lingerie Photo Shoot

A love of lingerie is nothing new for Klum, of course. She admitted as much in an interview with People back in 2017.

“I think my mom also (influenced me) because she was really into lingerie, she always had a variety of different great things and I saw that,” she said. “You kind of model a little after what your mom does. I think also that’s why I’m very free with my body. I tan topless because I saw my mom do that.”

Intimissimi was founded in 1996 and not only features lingerie for women but also briefs and vests for both women and men.

Despite nailing the photoshoot and looking stunning, the pictures were met with several negative remarks. “Sexualizing your daughter the moment they turn legal is weird,” one person wrote on the Instagram shared by Intimissimi.”Very disturbing,” another one added.

You know what they say, haters will be haters. We think they look great.

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