Hugh Jackman Gave Matt Damon a Lap Dance in His Broadway Show

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Hugh Jackman is just thankful he didn’t get punched. After all, that’s clearly what he suspected might happen when he gave fellow actor Matt Damon a lap dance in the 2003 Broadway show The Boy from Oz.

Jackman played the role of Peter Allen in the show, and it involved some improvisation.

“There was, I don’t know, roughly 10 to 12 minutes of every show that was ad-libbed,” Jackman said, via Variety. “Once I was 50 or 60 shows in, I felt completely free to do whatever the hell I wanted. I was an a—- at times.”

In other words, things could get a little crazy.

“I brought up Barbara Walters and Matt Damon, and made Matt Damon give Barbara Walters a lap dance, which turned into me giving Matt Damon a lap dance,” Jackman told Variety. “And he didn’t punch me.”

Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster in The Music Man on Broadway

Jackman, 54, next stars in The Son, a prequel to 2020s The Father, starring Anthony Hopkins (who reprises his role for the latest effort starring Jackman).

But it was the role of Allen that often created chaos.

Along with the fun involving Damon, Jackman once portrayed Allen at the Tony Awards, back in 2004. And Jackman-as-Allen nearly caused a wardrobe malfunction for Sarah Jessica Parker, who was unexpectedly brought on stage.

“I really felt for her that night,” Jackman told Variety. “As soon as she got up onstage, I could tell those boobs were about to come out.”

But hey, at least no fists have come out, headed in Jackman’s direction. At least, not yet anyway.

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