Jenna Bush Hager Says She Never Wears Underwear

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Jenna Bush Hager created a new meaning to her name after admitting that she never wears underwear. This is all thanks to Hoda Kotb. She threw the younger co-host under the bus while they were hosting Today with Hoda and Jenna.

The Big Reveal: Hoda Told the World that Jenna Doesn’t Wear Underwear

“Jenna always looks put together,” Hoda said as they were sitting at their desk on Wednesday.

Jenna immediately interjected, “I know where she’s going with it,” she said as Hoda kept talking.

“I just had a little shock this morning,” Hoda continued. Jenna smacked her arm at this point and it’s clear she’s embarrassed.

“You promised me you wouldn’t do this!” whined Jenna. “There’s a lot of people here.” But her pleas meant nothing. Hoda, laughing and clutching her chest, was set on delivering the big news. Eventually, the former First Daughter gave in. “Go ahead. It’s too late.”

“I was a little surprised. Because Jenna and I know a lot about each other. Anyway, we both had to change before the show. And we were like, ‘oh, we gotta go back into the changing room.’”

“Well first, my dress zipper popped open,” Jenna interjected.

“Right,” Hoda continued. “Then I noticed…” Jenna started saying something in a flustered manner at this point. Hoda just finally came out and blurted, “Jenna never wears underwear.”

“I think it makes a more pretty silhouette,” said Jenna. She added that it also means she has less to pack.

The conversation then moved on to just how sanitary it is for a woman to not wear underwear. Hoda had pressed her on whether or not she did more laundry, which Jenna affirmed.

“She said, ‘Do you wash your clothes?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I do,’” said Jenna. “But it’s also not like I’m sharing my jeans with you. Although, I do steal Savannah’s pants on occasion. And I do want to borrow that red suit of yours. Can I? But I’ll wear underwear.”

Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie Disagree With Jenna Bush Hager’s Preference to Go Commando

Can you spot the panty lines? Also, is THIS the red suit?

While everyone was laughing at the interaction, Hoda later revealed to US Weekly that she thinks going commando is “gross.” She added that she doesn’t think panty lines are a good enough excuse to not wear underwear.

“First of all, I take the panty lines, OK?” said Hoda. “I know that’s what she’s worried about. What the hell?”

Savannah Guthrie also had something to say. After all, Jenna had admitted to wearing her pants, presumably without underwear.

“You know what? Enough [because] she also borrows my clothes every single day and then she puts them right back,” Guthrie told US Weekly. “Yeah, no underwear. I found that out too late!”

For reference, there have been quite a lot of stars caught without underwear. But they’re usually wearing couture and attending fancy galas.

To Wear or Not to Wear Underwear, That Is the Question

But Jenna Bush Hager isn’t an anomaly. According to a poll conducted by Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes in 2014, 25% of Americans admitted to not always wearing underwear. That quarter of Americans fell into three categories: Never, Once a Week, and Occasionally. 7% of Americans admitted to never wearing underwear. 5% of Americans said they don’t wear underwear once a week. And 13% of Americans admitted to “occasionally” ditching their panties.

Statista published a chart titled “Frequency at which women in the United States wear panties in 2017, by age.” In the “Never” (as in never wear panties) category, the age group most likely to always ditch their underwear were 36- to 50-year-olds. Incidentally, Jenna Bush Hager falls into that category. 16- to 25-year-olds and 26- to 35-year-olds had a 2% chance of always ditching their underwear and 51 years and older was listed at 7%.

On the other side of the spectrum are Americans who wear their underwear for way too long. In a survey conducted by underwear maker Tommy John, a whopping 45% of Americans admitted to wearing theirs for 2 or more days in a row. 20% of men and 8% of women admitted to going for more than a week in the same pair of skivvies. Eeeew.

Jenna Bush Hager almost seems redeemed right now. Except…

Tommy John also mentioned that a clean pair of underwear can contain up to 10,000 living bacteria. So, what does this mean? Is commando cleaner or dirtier than clothed?

The answer is a bit more complicated than you might think. According to OB/GYN doctors who spoke with Bustle, going commando can prevent yeast infections. It can also prevent chafing, reduce discharge, and diminish vaginal odors. This is largely due to airflow and reduced sweating and trapping of bacteria. However, they do point out that wearing garments such as jeans can sometimes increase chafing. The key is to wear flowy clothes.

Good Housekeeping was also curious. They asked the President of NY Gynecological Society and women’s sexual health expert Elizabeth Eden, M.D. for her thoughts.

“There is no one explanation as to why people wear underwear, but the most common reason is that it’s viewed as a societal norm,” said Dr. Eden. She added that some may do it to “feel more secure both physically and psychologically.”

So, when it comes to Jenna Bush Hager’s personal preferences, the widespread perception that it’s “gross” might not actually be scientifically accurate. She does have clothes on, after all. If she was completely nude, that would be a different story.

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