Jennifer Lopez Gets Backlash For Claiming She Was Meant To Be In Madonna And Britney Spears’s VMAs Performance

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While promoting her new movie Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez made some shocking claims, saying that she dropped a performance that pretty much shocked the nation when it aired back in 2003. Speaking to E-news, JLO was asked to clear up a rumor that she was initially meant to be in Britney Spears and Madonna’s scandalous VMA performance, but was replaced last minute by Christina Aguilera.

In case you need a little freshening up, the wedding performance, in which the trio performed a mashup of Madonna’s hits, pretty much-defined pop culture history when Madonna closed the number by kissing both of the artists on stage.

Britney Spears, Madonna, Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott

Safe to say it was a scandalous and very controversial performance, even more so when the cameras panned over to look at the live reaction of Britney’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. He looked pretty much amused as the audience obviously went wild for the performance because let’s be honest, it was pretty epic.

But now, Lopez is claiming that she was originally set to share the stage with the two women, and not Aguilera. “Yes, that’s actually true,”  Lopez stated after being asked to confirm the decade-long rumor. She went on to reveal that she and Britney had even gone to Madonna’s house to rehearse, but wasn’t able to take part of it that night due to another work obligation.

“I was filming a movie in Canada, and we had met — me, [Madonna], and Britney — to do it at her home, and then I just couldn’t get off the film,” Lopez stated. “So, we couldn’t do it.”

Fans Go Wild on Twitter

“They got Christina Aguilera, I think, to do it, and I didn’t wind up doing it,” the actress added.

As expected the internet being the internet didn’t quite understand her comment, and went on to even mock the actress. She went viral on Twitter with several users chiming in with their own, let’s say quirky thoughts, saying that Christina Aguilera was the right fit.

“Christina was definitely the better choice,” one user said. Another one wrote, “idc if this is true, it makes no sense wrt the narrative of the era. Britney and Xtina were pop rivals and Madonna was the queen of pop they kept foisting upon Britney,” someone tweeted. “Madonna/Brit and anyone else would have just been whatever.”

JLO Goes Viral

“Well it made more sense that it was XTINA and Britney because those 2 have more of a Madonna influence in their music and were THE pop girls at the time,” someone else agreed.

A lot of people also have questions as to why the actress and singer had chosen to set the record straight right now, seemingly unaware that the reporter asked her to confirm the rumor. “Girl 20 years later you bring this up? What’s the point?,”  one road.

“JLo needs to be stopped! literally no one asks!” asos!,  another stated.

“She dont do anything but lie,” someone also wrote. “I feel like she just made that up. No shade…..,” added another.

Whether the rumor is indeed true or not, JLo did what she does best, make headlines and be the star of the show. Gotta love her for that.

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