Joe Rogan Accuses Dwayne Johnson of Taking Steroids Following Influencers Scandal

‘There’s not a f—ing chance in hell he’s clean,’ the podcaster said.

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Videos by Rare

Say what you will about Dwayne Johnson’s movies, just about everyone likes the guy also known as “The Rock.” Count Joe Rogan as part of the minority.

A few days ago, Rogan spat vitriol about Johnson, accusing him of hiding his alleged steroid use. Rogan made the remarks on a recent episode of his outrageously successful but misinformation-heavy podcast.

“There’s not a f—ing chance in hell he’s clean,” the mixed-martial arts commentator opined, according to Sport Bible.

Johnson is 50 years old but is one of Hollywood’s most jacked actors. He stands 6 feet and 5 inches and weighs 260 pounds.

Rogan reportedly went on to say: “You can’t even get [to Johnson’s size] with [hormone replacement therapy. … He is so massive, and he’s so different [looking] than he was when he was 30. There’s no way you can look like that [even] in your 40s. … He’s preposterously jacked.”

Getting Real About the Rock

Controversial and divisive as Rogan may be, few would argue that Johnson’s body isn’t normal for a 50-year-old.

It appears that an interview with Johnson that Men’s Health published last month is what set off Rogan. In the conversation, Hollywood’s third-richest actor said he eats six times a day.

For breakfast alone, he supposedly eats “eggs, a meat like bison, a complex carb like oatmeal, and fruit, usually either papaya or blueberries.”

Johnson’s dietary habits are already becoming the stuff of legend. Furthermore, he apparently sneaks his own meals into restaurants, odd as that behavior may be to believe.

Maybe Johnson and Rogan should meet up for a beer summit and find common ground. For example, they could discuss whether one of them or Prince William deserves the mantle of “World’s Sexiest Bald Man.”

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  1. Have to laugh at Rogan’s “have to be honest here’
    what does he know about being honest
    he’s banned in Canada for misinforming his own listener base on a variety of topics
    why listen to his jealous drivel?

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