How Milana Vayntrub Became the Face of AT&T and Launched a Successful Acting Career

How Milana Vayntrub Became the Face of AT&T and Launched a Successful Acting Career

If you have real tv (or crappy streaming services where they don’t take out the commercials for you), then you’re probably familiar with this girl’s face. But, like…who is she? She’s becoming the AT&T version of Progressive’s Flo or the infamous but well-loved “Jake from Allstate.” Here’s a TLDR for that AT&T girl, Milana Vayntrub.

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Who Is the AT&T Girl? Meet Milana Vayntrub

Milana Vayntrub. Her full name is Milana Alexandrovna Vayntrub. But, the internet is calling her ‘Lily Adams, the AT&T Girl.’ She is an American actress and totally has more to offer to the world than the meme-ification she’s receiving online. Once, she was lined up to be a Marvel superhero, Squirrel Girl, for a New Warriors pilot. However, it never went anywhere.

She was born in Uzbekistan to a Jewish family when the country was still part of the social union in 1987. Her family relocated to Los Angeles, California. She started acting at 5 years old in Barbie TV commercials. Next, she was in E.R. at eight years old, then Days of Our Lives, and Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. 

In college, she started taking classes at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre while studying at USC. She made a Youtube comedy talk show with a friend, Stevie Nelson, called Let’s Talk about Something More Interesting. It was so successful that they even landed guests like Matt Damon on the show. From here, she laded collaborations with CollegeHumor Originals. That was the launching pad for the series of AT&T commercials.

After the AT&T commercial, she landed a comedy sci-fi tv show, Other Space. She was also in Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire, an animated tv movie in 2019.

The AT&T Commercial Situation

However, recently she has gotten some unwanted attention from the  AT&T television commercial. Her acting was fine, the commercial probably sold a lot of whatever it was AT&T. It was selling at the moment, but more so, she’s gotten social media’s attention. And it’s focused on her boobs. Why? not sure. I don’t really watch TV. But, this is what I’ve gathered. 1. they’re referring to her breasts as “milkers.” And on her social media post, she gets comments of the milk glass emoji, which we can essentially equate to online sexual harassment. She has responded to these comments in a live stream, saying:

“All of these milk and milkies comments…it hurts my feelings. It’s just dehumanizing, a little objectifying, and sad. It makes me sad. I know what you guys are trying to do is be funny and connect and get props from your friends, but it really bums me out.”

At least she tried. Now she’s limiting comments because no one really listened to her. Because, you know, the internet can be a dangerous place. She also said that she feels like she’s suffering from a form of sexual assault what with comments about her breasts trending. Poor Lily. Hopefully, she can scoot past this unscathed.

Editors Note: This article was published on December 13, 2022. It was updated on March 16, 2023.

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