Bikini Brawl on Beach Caught in Insane Spring Break Video


If co-eds are going to duke it out on the beach over spring break, we can only hope at least someone will capture it on video.

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And for a lot of people, it may be better if those co-eds are fighting while donning bikinis.

Well, the people who enjoy seeing such things are in luck. As the New York Post wrote, the spring breakers “are making a splash” after their bikini-clad tussle hit the internet.

The incident took place in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., one of the spring break capitals of the U.S. The video has racked up nearly 150,000 views and counting.

Brawl Gone Wild!

@emmytorrisi fort lauderdale spring break oaklahoma drills 😭🤦🏼‍♀️ #fyp #fortlauderdale #springbreak #oaklahomadrill #collegelife ♬ Element – Pop Smoke

It all started when Gen-Zers were performing what is known as “Oklahoma drills,” where two guys charge at each other and try to wrestle the other to the ground. It’s a tip of the cap to Oklahoma University football, which may or may not run similar drills. But co-eds insist they do, and that those drills are worth the old college try.

Usually, there is booze involved. Not in Oklahoma, but certainly in Fort Lauderdale. But on this day, it was more than young men involved. The girls got in on the act, too.

Then tempers seemingly flared, though not for long. The females were separated fairly quickly before ugly turned to uglier, the video revealed.

“My version of hell,” read one comment under the video

“If this is their version of making memories, I’d rather not have any,” another read.

Either way, police in Florida are said to be cracking down on chaotic behavior this year, simply because things were said to have gotten so out of control in 2022.

But that’s just spring break, especially spring break in Florida.

So let’s play some football like they do the Oklahoma way. Or not.

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