Marion Cotillard Opens Up About ‘Being Manipulated By a Male Director’


At the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Cotillard did an interview with Variety about her new film Little Girl Blue and her experiences while on set.

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Ill Intention

“It happened to me only once where I felt that I was being manipulated by a director, and I really didn’t like that,” she shared, adding that she thought working with the director would be “a process of working together with a collaborative connection.”

“I thought: ‘Is he manipulating me because he thinks that I’m going to be unable to give him what he needs, what he wants, if he doesn’t act this way?’ ” Cotillard continued. “And I felt like an object, and I really hated it.”

She added that she “saw right away all the manipulation” and didn’t approve of the unnamed director’s actions.

“…I had the judgement that it was kind of dumb that you can’t ask me to do things without trying to use ways of manipulation that really don’t work with me, with my personality as a woman, I mean, as a human being, and as an actress,” she shared with Variety.

All About It

The official synopsis for the Little Girl Blue film reads: “After her mother’s death, Mona Achache discovers thousands of photos, letters and recordings, but these buried secrets make her disappearance even more of an enigma. Through the power of filmmaking and the beauty of incarnation, she brings her mother back to life to retrace her journey and find out who she really was.”

Cotillard, famous for her roles in La Vie En Rose, Inception, and Midnight in Paris, stars as Carole Achache in the movie. The film follows Mona, the daughter of the late photographer and writer, as she attempts to replicate her mother’s life.

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