Matt Damon reveals George Clooney Once Pooped in a Kitty Litter Box

As they say, A-list celebrities just aren’t like the rest of us.

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Videos by Rare

As they say, A-list celebrities just aren’t like the rest of us. For example, did you know that George Clooney poops a kitty litter box instead of a toilet?

That’s according to Matt Damon, and — for those of you who see the names of those actors in the same article — should set off some bells. After all, Damon and Clooney have a long and legendary history of pranking each other.

The most surprising part of this particular prank might not be what Damon said — but where he said it. He delivered the joke at the 45th Kennedy Center Honors, which recognized Clooney for his many accomplishments.

The Kennedy Center cited Clooney’s acting awards, humanitarian efforts, the telethons he produced, and the $66 million he helped raise through one of them for disaster relief in Haiti.

Matt Damon (Dis)honors His Buddy George Clooney

George Clooney and Matt Damon (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage for Warner Bros.)

Needless to say, it was jarring when Damon made his quip during his speech praising Clooney, part of which the Kennedy Center posted on Friday.

“It has been said that my friend George Clooney is the last of the true movie stars,” Damon said. “So I got to thinking about exactly what that meant. Of course, the number of past Kennedy Center honorees have certainly been movie stars … with class and sophistication: Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck.

Damon continued: “And then I think of George … uh, a man who once defecated in [a] kitty litter box as a joke. A man who once stole Bill Clinton’s stationery and wrote fake notes to actors saying how much he loved their movies.”

Needless to say, Damon drew uproarious laughter from the crowd.

The camera eventually panned to Clooney sitting in the crowd. He simply smiled and gave a shrug.

Watch the Kennedy Center Honors clip here:

Is Matt Damon a Glutton for Pranking?

Clooney and Damon have pranked each other for decades; their friendship dates back to the 1990s. In a People interview published in September 2017, Damon admitted that Clooney has “a huge heart.”

George Clooney and Matt Damon have a long history of pulling pranks on each other. Clooney told Howard Stern about some of them two years ago, on Stern’s SiriusXM show.

Clooney said the “rottenest” prank he pulled on Damon was posting serious-looking ads in the Hollywood trade papers during awards season, urging the industry to consider him for “Sexiest Man Alive.” The ads featured Damon wearing a goofy green Speedo in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

“We just kept pummeling it for two years,” Clooney said, almost unable to contain his laughter. “And [People magazine] finally gave it to him!”’

Damon must be either an instigator or an easy target. After all, he and Jimmy Kimmel have a similar history of pranking each other, often in very public situations. Like the Emmys. And even the Academy Awards.

Comedian Sarah Silverman, who made the infamous “F***ing Matt Damon” video while she was dating Kimmel, might be guilty of sparking that “feud.”

Ben Affleck ultimately got roped into those ultimately good-natured shenanigans too — which started at 13 years and continues to this day.

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