Pete Wentz Discusses Life, Fame, and Ashlee Simpson Divorce: ‘My Life Had Blown Up’

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Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump sat down with Zane Lowe from Apple Music to talk about how fame affected his lifestyle.

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Honest Encounters

Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz. PHOTO: APPLE MUSIC

Several clips of the interview were shared with PEOPLE and the musicians talked about the highs and lows of living in the spotlight. Wentz shared thoughts and feelings on his divorce with Ashlee Simpson over a decade ago.

“My life had blown up completely. I got divorced, and realized I didn’t really like how famous I was. Didn’t love who I was.”

He touched on how stardom influenced his perspective. How simple tasks became difficult to navigate on his own.

“I’d fly without the band, and I’d be like, ‘How do you even get through the airport,’ because I’d just follow a f—ing backpack through the air… a security guy’s backpack through the airport. It was stuff I just didn’t even get, because you didn’t need it. You know what I mean?”

All of the Lights

As their music rocketed the band into incredible public spaces filled with fans and unbelievable whirlwind experiences, Patrick went into detail about his encounters with paparazzi.

“It’s weird to look back on now. Paparazzi broke down Neal [the band’s producer] ‘s gate to his house when we were working on Folie [à Deux]. It was like that degree of chaos… I think that, for me, I needed to take time to just become a real person. I didn’t like any of that.”

The artist continued, “I didn’t like any of the things, the trappings that came with it, you know what I mean? I hated all of it from the word go, because the thing was, for me, all of it took away… This sounds so cliché. But it is very earnest for me, is the only reason I’m here is music. That’s what I want to do. I don’t care about any of the rest of it. Literally none of the rest of it.”

Stump discussed the finalities of stardom, how “when you’re famous, when that bell lights off, that’s it, and you’re stuck with it.”

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