These zoo animals are welcoming Halloween a little early with this pumpkin celebration

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The animals of Brookfield Zoo near Chicago are celebrating Halloween a little early.

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In this festive video, various animal-residents are shown carving and eating pumpkins in their habitats.

First, a black bear uses his hands to break open the gourd before enjoying the fruit of his labor.

Then, a monkey feasts on a separate pumpkin’s flesh, as well as the seeds inside.

Chimps use the pumpkins as drums, vehicles to stand on and then snacks to eat, while bats screech around the orange sphere, which hangs near them, and then go to town.

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But the best animal-pumpkin interaction might be that of the hippo and gourd, which bobs near the massive animal before it decides to takes a big ol’ bite.

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