Rose Byrne is Open to Filming A ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel ‘If All the Girls Were In’ 

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Byrne did an interview with PEOPLE where she talked about being open to doing a Bridesmaids sequel. “If all the girls were in, I absolutely would.”

Again and Again

Maya Rudolph stars as Lillian in the 2011 movie. She has enlisted her lifelong best friend Annie (Kristen Wiig), newer pal Helen (Byrne), cousin Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), coworker Becca (Ellie Kemper) and Megan (Melissa McCarthy), the sister of her husband-to-be, to be part of her wedding party.

Before the wedding, Annie, who is down-to-earth, had a lot of disagreements with Helen, who is more sophisticated and well-mannered. Annie felt that Helen was getting too close to Lillian, who is her friend.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Many fans went to watch the movie, which made more than $300 million at the box office and was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for McCarthy and Best Original Screenplay for co-writers Wiig and Annie Mumolo.

Byrne said that the original film is a hard act to follow because the first film was so great. It was so magical and so beloved.”

“Maybe we could do a different movie together,” she continued. “A re-imagining of something. But I miss them all. I saw Kristen Wiig recently. It was so lovely to see her. I hadn’t seen her for so long, and they’ve all got such a special place in my heart.”

Fond Memories

The actress said she sometimes gets approached by fans about the film. “It depends on the demographic, honestly. But if there’s a young girl or a woman between the ages of about 25 and 45, 50, I know it’s going to be a Bridesmaids reference.”

“I would do a Bridesmaids sequel this afternoon, right now,” she shared. “That group of women was the most magical thing ever. Almost all of us were really good friends already. I think it was such a magical time.”

She went on to share her favorite memories of working on the project. “Oh my God. Just being around that many funny people where truly it was like people dropping to the ground because we couldn’t get air in,” McCarthy recounted. “From a distance, it must have looked like we all had food poisoning because there was just times where we’d be like… You can’t be around that group of humans and not just be beside yourself.”

“It just ended up being so funny. Also, just Kristen shoving 72 Jordan almonds in her mouth. There was a take where she must have had 40 in there,” the actress continued. “And we were like, ‘Kristen’s going to choke.’ It was also terribly unprofessional acting because anyone who wasn’t on-camera was usually bent over and just shaking. None of us were behaving.”

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