Sally Fields Says She Almost Dated Steven Spielberg:’ Can’t Imagine My Life Without Him’

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This would have been a wild one! Sally Field and Steven Spielberg apparently almost were an item back in the day. The key word here is, almost. The actress took a trip down memory lane Thanks For The Hollywood Reporter while attending the Palm Springs film Awards where she was set to honor the director and his team with a Vanguard award. She recalled their 50-your friendship which began when her manager wanted to introduce her to Spielberg at a party in 1968 thinking that they would hit it off.

“My newly acquired business manager wanted me to meet one of his clients and wanted me to go to Universal for a supposed ‘meeting’ because he thought the two of us would really hit it off,” the 76-year-old actress stated. . “And though we never actually went on a date together, my beloved Steven Spielberg has never left my life. For almost 50 years — is it really? — we have gone through this life that’s been filled with good and bad, the laughter and the angst. He has been my biggest supporter and a constantly welcoming place.”

Steven Spielberg Honors Sally Fields

Field actually teamed up with Spielberg in 2012 for the film Lincoln. She went on to pay tribute to Spielberg, now 76, and his status in Hollywood. “I honestly can’t imagine my life without him at this point, but I can’t imagine our country, much less the industry, had Steven Spielberg never held a camera in his hands. His vision, his sense of humor and fun, of terror and entertainment, his humanity and heart has been woven into the whole world’s consciousness,” she stated. “We smile when we hear someone say, ‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat.’ Or, ‘Phone home.’ Or, ‘Snakes…why did it have to be snakes?’”

The actress continued, “For almost six decades, he has terrified, touched and enthralled the entire planet. His art is so deeply in our blood that it’s easy to take him for granted. Like we don’t know his breathing to nod when we hear his name and overlook how impossible and how unequal his career has been and always will be.”

Fields has been making quite a ruckus these past weeks, but all for the good. Just last month she went on to reveal on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen her worst onscreen kiss. This after she named James Garner Hermes as her best on-screen kiss in the 1985 film Murphy’s Romance.

As far as the worst one, well that went to actor Burt Reynolds, who she met on the set of the 1997 film Smokey and the Bandit. “This is gonna be a shocker, hold on folks, Burt Reynolds,” Field joked.

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