Sharon Stone Recalls Losing Custody of Son: ‘It Broke My Heart’

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The actress was a guest on the Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi podcast this week where she opened up about the things that went on while she was filming the 1992 movie Basic Instinct, including how she ended up losing custody of her son.

“I lost custody of my child,” she said. “When the judge asked my child – my tiny little boy, ‘Do you know your mother makes sex movies?’ This kind of abuse by the system, that it was considered what kind of parent I was because I made that movie.”

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Things Changing

“People are walking around with no clothes on at all on regular TV now and you saw maybe like a sixteenth of a second of possible nudity of me – and I lost custody of my child,” she continued.

The mother of three talked about how much it broke her heart to lose her child. “I ended up in the Mayo Clinic with extra heartbeats in the upper and lower chambers of my heart.”

Sharon Stone has previously shared other details about the difficulties surrounding her time on the set of the movie. Last year she was quoted saying that the project “was taking a toll on everybody.”

Tough Filming

“[Paul] Verhoeven [the director of the film] ended up in the hospital — his sinus thing ruptured, and he couldn’t stop having a nosebleed. There was tremendous pressure on that set.”

“Now people walk around showing their penises on Netflix,” she continued, “but, in the olden days, what we were doing was very new. This was a feature film for a major studio, and we had nudity, sex, homosexuality, all these things that, in my era, were breaking norms.”

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