Wayne’s World and Aerosmith Jam Together on “Saturday Night Live”

Waynes World! Waynes World Party On! Excellent! When the couch-sitting, guitar strummin’ hosts of Wayne’s World, Wayne Campbell and sidekick Garth Algar, got to meet their idols in Aerosmith, just three years after they released Permanent Vacation, their ninth studio recording, on this NBC’s Saturday Night Live sketch, it was both a skit and a musical collaboration.

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It was all going normally when Wayne and Garth (Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) found out that Barry, Garth’s cousin, played by a young Tom Hanks, is a roadie for the classic rock band Aerosmith. Rock n’ roll, right?! And he got them to come on their show (to their basement) Party ON, right?! The excited dude turned on the nook cam and got the surprise of their lives, Joey Kramer, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, and, of course, Steven Tyler, the rockgodzaddy himself all in the kitchen, where Wayne eats his Nut’ n Honey every morning! So Sick! ThEy R NoT worTHY!!!

Wayne’s World and Aerosmith on SNL:

Their incredible high was harshed just a little by Wayne’s mom when they realized she was showing his baby pictures to the band. When the musical guests finally made their way down to the basement, and Wayne and Garth stopped talking nerves, hurling, blowing chunks, and tossing their marbles, they asked the band some fan questions. Surprisingly, Aerosmith gives some well-thought-out answers.

Finally, the moment came when Wayne asked the band to a proper party time… i.e., to play music together. And not just any music, the most musicmusic of all music… the Wayne’s World theme song. And like the rock and roll gods they are, Aerosmith granted these basement boys their wish, after their roadie, rocking one of their merch t-shirts mic checked for them, of course! We get the Wayne’s world /Aerosmith duet for about a minute; it’s one of a kind, and one of the best.

Hearsay says that Mike Myers cried after the recording, thinking that it was horrible and hadn’t gone over well with the audience. Little did he know, it was gold!

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