Whitney Cummings Joined OnlyFans For a Hilarious Reason

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Actress and comedian Whitney Cummings is joining OnlyFans, but not for the reason you might think.

Sorry, folks, she has no intention of making sultry videos for money. Instead, it’s all for laughs, as she explained to Variety.

Cummings, 40, is producing an original show, the Unfiltered Original Roast Series, which will be available only on OnlyFans TV and free streaming app.

Fittingly, Cummings will be the first guest roasted.

Along with that, she intends to share comedy bits that may not make their way to other platforms during the show.

“I want to experiment with jokes,” Cummings told Variety. “I love the idea of writing and performing incendiary jokes… and talk about what is happening right now. On Twitter, people will want to take it out of context.”

Whitney Cummings Joins OnlyFans

As for using this particular platform, well, Cummings said it definitely has no shortage of users.

“I know people like to make fun of [OnlyFans] because there are naked ladies on there,” she told Variety. “I just decided, if the audience is going here, as a comedian there’s something worth checking out here.”

“If it’s good enough for Cardi B, it’s good enough for me. She has a very good business brand. … We have this internal misogyny: ‘Oh, women are showing their boobs.’ I think it’s cool. I see people exploiting themselves on other platforms and making no money.”

But again, Cummings has no plans whatsoever to reveal any skin.

“I wouldn’t have the self-esteem to charge people to see my naked body,” Cummings told Variety. “Instead of dirty photos, you’re gonna see dirty jokes.”

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