Denise Richards Said She Joined OnlyFans to ‘Support’ Her Daughter

Denise Richards arrives at the HSH Prince Albert II Of Monaco Hosts 60th Anniversary Party For The Monte-Carlo TV Festival at Sunset Tower Hotel on February 05, 2020 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

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Videos by Rare

Denise Richards wants the world to know that she will always have her daughter’s back. She recently went on “Jeff Lewis on SiriusXM” where she revealed that she was proud to have an OnlyFans account. The actress and reality TV star talked about her risky decision to join the platform that several creatives use to share risque content.

She noted that she found inspiration in joining the platform after her 18-year-old daughter joined OnlyFans.

“I think she is doing well with it. She mentioned to me she was going to do it. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know or had heard of OnlyFans,” Richards stated. “I hadn’t been on there so I didn’t really know,” she noted. “I had heard of it and she reassured me that she was going to keep it to mainly bikini stuff and bathing suits and stuff like that. And then the reason I wanted to join is because she got so much backlash for that that I didn’t think it was really fair.”

Denise Richards on Why She Joined OnlyFans

She continued, “I’ve done things in my career — I’ve done Playboy, I was in ‘Wild Things’, and I’ve done sexy shoots before, naughty movies, things like that. And sometimes people say nasty things, well a lot of the time they do. But I thought, this is not fair that she’s getting this much backlash when a lot of people post things like that, even just on Instagram.”

The actress went on to describe what kind of content she shares on the platform. “I do bikini, I do lingerie, I do stuff that is sexier ’cause I also think, ‘Why not?’ if I’m able to do stuff outside of some of the more conservative stuff that’s on my Instagram. I do show my boobies, my tush,” she stated. “They’re already out there, if you Google them.”

She went on to add that her husband is the one who actually helps her film her content. “Sometimes you have to do something else once in a while. And [my husband Aaron Phypers] takes a lot of my content for me. He knows what guys like. I ask him, I show him things and say, ‘What do you think?’”

Denise Richards on Instagram

As far as the money she receives, she said it is pretty easy to process and earn a few extra bucks. “You set up an account and then do a withdrawal — you can do it as often as you want. I’ll check it and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, maybe I should deposit that,’” she noted.

“I did it to support my daughter, being a mom who is an actress who has done stuff and I just thought it was empowering too as a woman… to take control,” she stated. “You own all of the content and [on] a lot of the other platforms, you don’t own the content. So it’s nice to be able to control it.”

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