Who Plays Monica Dutton on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Kelsey Asbille

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Yellowstone, the popular show starring Kevin Costner, is known for keeping fans glued to their television sets. Even though Season 5 of the neo-Western already started airing, it’d be a surprise if Costner discussed the many plot points and ensemble cast with fans.

Lately, we’ve taken a closer look at some of Yellowstone’s main cast members. In this edition of Inside Yellowstone (we kid), Kelsey Asbille is under the microscope.

Getting to Know Kelsey Asbille

Asbille’s career really took off when she landed her role on Yellowstone. She plays the gorgeous Monica Long Dutton. The character is both the American Indian wife of Kayce Dutton and the daughter-in-law of John’s sister. She married into the Dutton family after falling in love with her husband.

Prior to the series, she mostly appeared in a variety of TV shows, usually as herself. She also played Swanee Capps on the show Fargo and the voice of Rebecca in the podcast series Gaslight. From 2005 to 2009 she also had a recruiting role as Gigi Silveri on the popular drama, One Tree Hill. She also previously worked with Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan in Wind River starring alongside Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner.

Asbille’s character, like Dutton’s character, is estimated to bring in $200,000 per episode for the actress. Again, tough, that was for Season 3. Today, Asbille is estimated to be worth about $3 million.

A Simple Love Life

Unlike all the dramatic twists and turns in Yellowstone, Kelsey Asbille (who also goes by Kelsey Chow) leads a fairly conventional life — for a Hollywood star, at least.

It’s especially easy to sum up Asbille’s love life. In 2012, 31-year-old Asbille started dating 35-year-old actor William Moseley after they co-starred in the movie Run. More than a decade later, they’re still a couple.

A few years ago, Marie Claire asked Asbille to discuss her favorite piece of artwork in her home.

She replied: “A beautiful, peaceful black-and-white photograph of the full moon over Half Dome in Yosemite, by Ansel Adams, which hangs in my bedroom. It was a birthday gift from [Moseley].”

Yellowstone: a Tall, Sturdy Empire

Yellowstone has been one of the biggest hits of the streaming era. Season 4 premiere brought in more than 14 million viewers, becoming the cable’s highest-rated show. Last season’s finale garnered more than 10 million viewers.

Season 5 began airing on November 13 on the Paramount Network. Its first episode ran two hours long.

While Monica Long Dutton didn’t appear much in Season 4 of Yellowstone, she’s getting plenty of face time thus far in Season 5. Her character already had a pretty big moment as she got the rug pulled out from under her feet.

Get up close and personal with other Yellowstone actors, including Cole Hauser, Jennifer Landon, and Kelly Reilly.

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