Mike Tyson Recently Said He Saw Death Closing; Now Walking With Cane

The boxing legend reportedly said he is not suffering from an injury, just normal wear-and-tear.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In another ominous sign for Mike Tyson, TMZ reported on Thursday that he recently used a cane to walk around.

Tyson reportedly said he is not suffering from an injury, just normal wear-and-tear. But the news is nonetheless troubling, as it comes after the boxing legend recently remarked that his end is near.

Mike Tyson used the cane while walking from a car to a hotel room, according to TMZ. The tabloid website said sources chalked up the cane to a flare-up of the sciatica.

The 56-year-old boxing legend and pop-culture icon bared his soul in an emotional conversation with his therapist. The discussion, also featuring DJ Whoo Kid, appeared the July 13 episode of Tyson’s podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson.

“We’re all gonna die one day, of course,” he said. “My expiration date is coming close, really soon.”

Later in the podcast, DJ Whoo Kid asked him: “Are you at the end game of your life right now?”

To which Tyson replied: “No. I see a little boy that’s tricked the world. … That’s what I look in the mirror and see. I’m a great actor.”

On the topic of addiction recovery, Tyson admitted: “Any moment I’m liable to relapse. I’m clean five — but any second. I’m fighting every day of my life … just to be present. Life is a fight.”

Tyson also touched on why he takes commercial planes instead of private ones. His revelation provided some context surrounding the widely publicized incident involving him and another passenger on a plane.

Tyson said the “trigger” for his addiction is flying on private planes. They remind him of when he used to live “a life of cocaine and strippers.

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