Company Found Liable For Death of Worker Who Died While Having Sex on Business Trip

As far as court rulings go, this one is extremely French. (Makes sense. It happened in France.) A Paris court ruled that the death of an engineer who died of a heart attack in the midst of having sex with a stranger while traveling for his company was, in fact, an “industrial accident” and that his company is liable.

This sounds like the kind of precedent that will eventually lead to French offices being forced to allow employees to take sex breaks and set up a third bathroom for masturbation. Lunch breaks in France will one day take up five of the eight hours in the workday. One hour for wine and light foreplay, one hour for lunch, one hour for sex with your wife, one hour for sex with your mistress, and, finally, one hour for a nap.

Somebody is going to make a billion dollars in France just by working six uninterrupted hours a day, five days a week, for, like, a year. We’re going to see a headline that reads, “Man Becomes King of France by Only Fucking at Night.”

For their part, the man’s firm, a railway services company called TSO, tried to argue that their employee was not carrying out business duties at the time of his glorious death and, thus, they weren’t liable. The French court, however, said that any accident that occurs on a business trip is the responsibility of the company.

And by the way, my outrageous scenario above isn’t just some, “lol France is so French” made-up scenario. That’s basically what the ruling said. They ruled that sex was a normal activity to be expected while on business, like a shower or a meal.

France is pretty rad.

This story was originally published September 12, 2019.

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