The Italian Man Who Claimed to Have Slept with 6,000 Women Dies Having Sex

Legendary Italian playboy Maurizio Zanfanti, who claims to have had sex with over 6,000 women in his life, has died at the age of 63… while having sex with a 23-year-old Romanian tourist in the back of his car. He died doing what he loved: a stranger.

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Zanfanti had taken the tourist into the back of his car Tuesday night for a quickie but in the midst of the action, he suffered a heart attack. The woman called paramedics but it was too late. The man, known as Italy’s Most Successful Lover, had gone to that big orgy in the sky. Or hell. Might’ve been hell.

The mayor of the Italian town of Rimini said Italy had lost “a legend of the night.” (Jesus Christ, I love Europe.)

Zanfanti’s exploits began when he was just 17 and working as a nightclub promoter. He claimed that in a successful summer he could sleep with up to 200 women. (Which, if we’re going May-June-July-August would mean 200 women in 123 days.) The Italian sex god’s accomplishments were apparently so incredible that several of his Swedish lovers erected (ha!) a wax statue of Zanfanti in a Swedish town.

My God. Just look at this guy. If you had to cast and costume a sex-crazed Italian nightclub promoter for a movie and came back with something looking like this guy people would tell you it was too unbelievable. This man is a (formerly) walking stereotype of a sleazy European. He looks like a bit character that got cut from EuroTrip.

There is no word on how Zanfanti will be honored in his home country, though if they want to send him off right a nationwide moment of moaning should be observed at 3:39 AM (that was the closest I could get to 69 on a clock.)

This post was originally published on January 6, 2019.

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