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Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Hahahahahaha look everyone! These couple of random kids can’t read an analog clock. Is it just me or should they not be allowed to vote or take out loans? Back to preschool you over-nursed Millennial and Gen Z perma-babies. And no, you don’t get a participation trophy just for trying to guess the time (because it was your generation who somehow invented participation trophies, as six-year-olds, and not your baby boomer parents).

This is a good bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live but there are two important things to note here:

1. Man on the street segments usually suck. (At least this one is done for harmless giggles and not in actual bad faith like segments you see across the internet and on cable news.)

Do you know how easy it is to edit these to make people look like morons? Very. If they can make a car instantaneously turn into a heavily armed, three-story robot on screen they can easily make anyone — including you — look so dumb that the audience could reasonably assume that you use your own mouth as a toilet.

2. Reading an analog clock isn’t a useful, timeless skill.

Don’t believe me? Cool. Go use an abacus for me real quick. Or a sundial. Navigate using the stars. On a ship you built out of trees you chopped down. Reading an analog clock isn’t a useless skill, and it’s one people should probably know, but it’s also not unforgivable that they don’t. People tell time with a digital clock pretty much all the time now. One day, I’m positive, I’ll be aghast that my grandchildren have no idea how to use a calculator because they can just ask their artificially intelligent holographic personal assistant/slave what the square root of pi to the seventeenth power is.

Anyway, here’s some dumb people who can’t tell time.

Note that the clock has Roman Numerals just to screw with them a little extra. Funny? Yeah, sure. Indicative of our society’s crumbling intellect? No. But us sharing this video probably is.


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