These fishermen were stunned when they pulled something unexpected from their impressive catch’s stomach

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Just about every fisherman has a tale of a catch that swallowed up their bait despite the fact that their catch was only a few inches bigger than the fish they were using as bait. But a video from last week is amazing to even experienced anglers.

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A group of Canadian fisherman at Newton Resort reeled in a pike with a pretty big fish in its mouth. As they’re working the fish out of its predator’s mouth, one of them exclaims, “we need to start using bigger bait.” The video, which was uploaded on June 9th, has gained over 11 million views in less than four days.

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The fishermen then take a picture of the fish side-by-side to show that the pike wasn’t much bigger than the creature that he’d just gobbled up. And as wild as it might seem, this clip isn’t really all that unusual; northern pike are frequently known to eat fish nearly as big as them.

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