The crowd lost their minds when this cheerleader left her squad in the dust

In this video from the All Star Games, young Angel Rice displays a level of cheerleading prowess rarely ever seen. She was 16 years old at the time. In this video she does five double twists and four passes. There are no words for how impressive this is.  And with a performance like this, there’s no need for a gawky team of football players on the field.

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A few months later Rice appeared on the Today Show, setting a Guinness World Record for the most double full twists performed in one minute. “I’m a little out of breath but not dizzy,” says Rice on her Today show appearance. She admitted that she had never done that many double fulls before in that short amount of time.

She managed to do ten double full twists with a full 720 degree twist to set the record. Angel Rice is known throughout the cheerleading world for her tumbling skills and as a cheerleader on The Stingray All Stars of Marietta, Ga. and the California All Stars.

She hopes that one day Power Tumbling will become an Olympic sport and that she will be able to represent the USA in that event. She is undefeated in CHEERSPORT’s “So You Think You Can Tumble” competition. To date, she has won this title 6 times. In between tumbles, she loves mentoring younger athletes and hopes to attend college and obtain a degree in sports medicine.

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