He got his Harvard acceptance letter but he never imagined that the entire school would react like this

Harvard University Acceptance

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A degree from Harvard will get you just about anywhere. The university has an acceptance rate that lingers around 6 percent. That makes it the third-most selective school in the nation after Stanford and Columbia. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and seven United States Presidents all attended the Cambridge, Massachusetts university founded in 1636.

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The moment that any high school student is accepted into a university is surreal and emotional. When that university is Harvard, it’s an even bigger moment.

When this high school senior received his acceptance letter, he was surrounded by his classmates, who were peeking over each other’s shoulders to get a view of the screen. And suddenly somebody mumbled, “Welcome to Har-,” and immediately the room erupted in screams and one big hug.

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A teacher even made her way over to the outgoing senior and embraced him. We certainly hope that he has a successful time in Cambridge and that his future is bright.

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