Georgetown Police Officer Henry Olshefsky responded to a call for a loose pig.

“In my mind, I was thinking it was a smaller pig, maybe a potbellied pig, maybe a pet,” he told CBS Boston. It wasn’t. He’d been sent to corral not just any pig, but Bruno, a local man’s pet pig. Bruno weighs 1000 pounds!

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In fact, Ofc. Olshefsky was so worried for himself that he stayed in his cruiser to best bring home the bacon.


“I was not getting out of the cruiser. No!” says Ofc. Olshefsky, eyes widening. Thankfully, he was able to “easily” guide the pig using his cruiser.

Bruno, while momentarily distracted by a grounded Frisbee, recognized his farm home and returned to it. Bruno’s owner says the pig has only escaped “three or four times” since the pig was little, but he added that it’s much harder to keep him contained now.


“We didn’t know how big he was gonna get, so now we need to think of a new way of locking him in. A padlock, or something like that,” said Bruno’s owner.

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