This is for everyone who thought pulling and installing an engine is too hard to do on your own. The conventional thinking holds that installing a new engine takes time and effort and a lot of expertise — not to mention a fully outfitted shop, either a professional garage or just a very well-equipped home.

Turns out that you don’t need a garage, a licensed mechanic or even any experience to put an engine into a bay like this. We’ve been going about it wrong the entire time, in fact, according to a video posted to Facebook by Car Throttle.

“That’s how you install an engine!” says Chris Brinkman after filming a buddy kicking an engine block into a car’s waiting engine bay. We can only assume — hope? — that both are headed to the scrapyard, as there’s no chance that anything is actually getting installed here.

A couple Facebook users have definitely seen people who think it’s this easy. Ralph Ward added, “How the sales department thinks it works.”

“It’s a sold unit so just get it done before everyone else that had an appointment for today. Thanks,” added Aaron Velner.

Hey this customer needs it back today. Thanks bud!” said Josh Persell, who sounds like he’s heard this one before.

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