Florida Mom Fights Teenage Girl with Boxing Glove Superglued to Her Hand

Just yesterday, I wrote about a different Florida woman who was stuck in a storm drain… but these stories just keep coming. Now, a 34-year-old Florida mom has reportedly showed up to her daughter’s school cafeteria, trying to throw hands — with one boxing glove glued on. Now that’s an embarrassing mother.

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Florida mother Edith Riddle is being held on child abuse charges after showing up to her eighth-grade daughter’s middle school last week, wearing a boxing glove, and starting a fight in the cafeteria. According to the Jacksonville police arrest report, a school safety officer was alerted by a “frantic” PA announcement about the fight on the premises. Riddle was fighting a child, who was left with abrasions and bruises on her knees and forearms.

Apparently, Riddle had come to the school for a meeting with the vice-principal regarding her own daughter’s “hostile outbursts” directed at another student. And that checks out, according to a report from First Coast News which says that Riddle’s daughter then joined in on the cafeteria fight, punching the other girl. Like mother, like daughter.

But the weirdest part of this story? The mother showed up to Dupont Middle School wearing a single boxing glove. And she could not remove it because… it was superglued to her left hand. Seems like a pretty good excuse for walking around with a boxing glove on, ready to fight.

Nexstar local news affiliate WFLA reported that Riddle’s victim was taken to a nearby hospital. And her parents made it clear to the Jacksonville sheriff’s office that they wanted to press criminal charges. Riddle was then arrested on one count of “child abuse with a personal/special weapon.”

Naturally, this crazy story is now trending on social media. But this is not the only time — this month — that a Florida mom has gone too far defending her daughter. Check out the video below.

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