Newlyweds Miss Their Own Wedding Reception After Being Stuck in Elevator for 2 Hours

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Here comes the bride…and groom.

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Or not.

On Sunday, a newlywed couple got trapped in a hotel elevator just after their ceremony. Panav Jha and Victoria had their wedding reception at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. They were en route to the festivities on the 16th floor of the hotel when the elevator came to a halt.

Unexpected Interruptions

“We got up maybe five feet, then boom we got stuck,” Panav shared with CNN, “I could see a concrete wall in front of me and I could see a concrete wall behind me.”

On their way up, Panav also noted that the elevator doors were slightly ajar. “I was like, ‘That’s not normal.'”

The newlyweds were not alone in the elevator. The bride’s sister and three other wedding guests were riding with them. The group lightened the mood by posting photos to social media as they waited to be rescued.

The “elevator had a glitch and here we are. It had to happen with the groom and I both stuck in the elevator. So, at least it wasn’t just one of us,” the bride shared with a local outlet, Queen City news.

Blessed Rescues

It only took two hours for the Charlotte Fire Department to rescue the group. They were unharmed, but sadly, they missed their wedding reception.

After the rescue, the firefighters and the group took a picture together and the department posted it to their Twitter page.

“6 people were trapped in a hotel elevator between the first and second floor. All 6 who Charlotte firefighters pulled to safety, were part of the Jha wedding party,” the Twitter caption read. “Mr. and Mrs. Jha, we hope today is the start of a long and happy life.”

Hopefully, the newlyweds get a redo reception sometime soon.

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