Fed-Up Bridezilla Ambushes Fiancé for Surprise Wedding at Target

If you ever hear “Bridal Chorus” in Target now, don’t feel mistaken. It’s probably exactly what you think it is. And I have to applaud and respect this bridezilla, who simply and literally, got straight to the point to get what she wanted. And thanks to shocked shopper Ashley Domingues and her Tiktok video of an impatient bride on social media, the world got to be witnesses in the surprise wedding ultimatum this viral bride gave a Target shift worker, who apparently was supposed to be her groom.

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The viral video shows this unnamed Nevada woman in her wedding dress, a white A-line strapless gown, paired with dangly feather earrings and her hair in an updo. Behind her is a bridesmaid in a light pink mini-dress and white pumps, carrying a bouquet of white roses, and a pastor holding a Bible, both ready to conduct a wedding ceremony.

The bride had hunted her man down, ironically walking down to the end of the aisle of the Target store in Henderson, as he was stocking Halloween costumes on the shelves of the superstore. Maybe there was a suit costume hiding in there that he could’ve used in place of his Target uniform of khakis and a red collared shirt.

Watch this bridezilla ambush her fiancé for their surprise wedding at Target:

@boymom_ashleyThe best part of my week? part 2 watched this woman hunt her man down that works at target !! ##target##bridzilla##lasvegas##fyp##fypシ♬ original sound – Ashley

“You put this ring on my finger two years ago,” she said matter-of-factly, “It’s time to do it or get out.”

She then turned around to her entourage, explaining, “I brought the pastor, I brought Emily, she’s my bridesmaid. We’re getting married right now or I’m leaving. I’m out.” And proceeding to turn all the way around to the other customers who were watching, she said, “Hi guys, I’m just finally making him commit, you know?”

Again, I have to respect how this woman hunts her man down to get some actual answers. She even brought a whole wedding party for her stunned bridegroom, who asked her if he could talk to her outside. “I’m shaking,” the bride says as she makes her way out in the big dress and strappy heels. Her hubby-to-be followed her, confused and shocked, saying, “Could someone have told me?”

According to the New York Post, we still don’t know if the pair actually wedded or not, but they’re hoping to find out soon from Target reps. Domingues captioned the video, “The best part of my week,” to which I would most definitely agree.

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