Black Bear Cubs Devour Big Pile of Apples and Purr with Delight


A whole lot of black bear cubs were filmed being adorable and eating apples en masse. That’s it. That’s the story. It’s cute. It’s kind of seasonal — apple picking? Bears? Whatever. Anyway, just enjoy the cute bear cubs purring and buzzing while happily eating apples.

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Black Bears Love Eating Apples

Wildlife preservationist John Fusco of the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire posted a video of the adorable fall bear activity to his Twitter, assuming people would enjoy seeing a bunch of bears eat apples and purr. (He was right, by the way.) The young, wild bears seem to be having the time of their lives digging through the huge pile of apples and eating their hearts out. Keep this in mind if you have an apple tree or other sort of fruit tree growing in your yard in, like, Vermont or Montana or something. Some bears might show up for a treat.

These Bears are Part of Hibernation Nation… Sort Of

Black bears are not true hibernators like grizzly bears. Black bears that inhabit warm parts of the country like Florida don’t hibernate at all, as it’s too warm and their natural food sources don’t really run out. (Hooters dumpsters.)

However, these wild animals will go into a sort of soft hibernation this time of year called “denning,” “ursid hibernation,” or “carnivore lethargy.” So the ones hanging out somewhere there is a winter will definitely be more likely to gorge themselves on whatever food supplies they can find. Then they’ll relax during the colder months and get back to their usual activities once things warm up again.

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