Many have offered their thoughts on Kathy Griffin’s controversy involving a fake, beheaded President Trump. Even former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly weighed in, having stood up for the president before.

On Thursday, O’Reilly penned a column for The Hill providing a glaring criticizing for Griffin’s move. O’Reilly also concluded that Griffin’s actions were reflective of the “demonization of Donald Trump by the left-wing national media.”

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In fact, O’Reilly had much to say about Trump’s critics, saying that “the anti-Trump media is now the mob holding torches while marching up to Frankenstein’s castle; it is Steven Spielberg’s vicious shark attacking at will.”

O’Reilly said that he had never seen anything like it before in his 42-year career in journalism, accusing progressives of dehumanizing those with whom they disagreed. He also accused the media of disparaging Trump for no reason.

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“There are no boundaries anymore,” he concluded.

The former was fired following a loss of advertisers when news of numerous sexual harassment lawsuits against him broke. He has since retreated to his personal podcast, “No Spin News.”

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