Tide Wine? Nope, That’s Just Detergent in A Box


Oh, Tide Pods. How we love them and hate them at the same time. It was one of those things where everything was going great for them. They were practical, they smelled good, they’re cleaning clothes really well, and they worked. Until teenagers decided to stick their hands where they don’t belong and are eating Tide Pods. Who does that? Teenagers. For social media, of course. That’s who!

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Ugh. Anyway, back to it. It turns out Tide wanted to stand out, once more and has created a special boxed-wine-tide! Totally kidding, it’s not wine. Please don’t eat or drink the laundry detergent, I’m just trying to make a point here. Just take a look for yourself.

Tide Wine?

Procter & Gamble debuted a brand new packaging looks of their detergents, an uh, I don’t know about you, but catch me frustrated after work trying to get a glass of wine and accidentally opening the wrong box. Yes, I drink wine out of a box because honestly, who wouldn’t? It’s tasty, convenient, and cheap.

According to Tide, the new Tide design is “eco-friendly,” since it uses 60 percent less plastic and 30 percent less water than a traditional container, and the box is easier and cheaper to ship. Honestly, I have to admit the Tide Eco-Box looks nice, it does. BUT…I can’t wait for the new Tide pod challenge. Seriously. Watch people start pouring the detergent into wine glasses and wash it down with their favorite Tide Pod on the side. I mean, I’m imagining what tide box wine pairs with.

Safe to say the internet didn’t take the new design so well, because we all know how the Tide Pod eaters situation turned out, but hey, props to Tide detergent brand for trying to help the environment, right? How does it work? The cardboard box of wine flap is simply peeled off to reveal a dosing cup of a “no drip” twist tap, making dosing simpler on flat surfaces. The side of the box includes a pullout stand to raise the height of the box to then the cup is easily beneath the tap.

New Tide Box Looks Like Wine & We’re THIRSTY

Of course, I don’t have to say the obvious, but I will because…you never know laundry detergent. So, here it goes.

Tide is NOT FOOD, people, and you should never drink it because who knows what it can do to your body. It may look like boxed wine, but do not sip that liquid nor open the knob while you’re waiting underneath it trying to catch the liquid with your mouth. It’s not something to play “Slap the Bag” with. It’s definitely not a Franzia sealed bag. Definitely keep out of reach of children. Talk about super clean weekly date night.

This isn’t college. This is for clothes. Only clothes…that’s it. Cool? Cool.

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