Tragic Video Shows High-Speed BMW Crash Resulting in Tragic Death of 14-Year-Old Girl in NYC 

Gregory P. Mango

A fourteen-year-old girl from New York City has tragically died after being thrown from a car driven by an unlicensed teenager. The car was speeding and struck a parked UPS truck, triggering a chain reaction crash, according to police reports.

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Incident Reports

On Wednesday evening at 6:40 PM, a deadly car crash occurred in the Springfield Gardens area of Queens, according to the New York Police Department. Tragically, the victim of the accident has been identified by family and friends through a GoFundMe page as 14-year-old Fortune Williams.

Williams, 16, with a learner’s permit, was reportedly riding in a BMW when the driver lost control and drove at high speeds, crashing into a parked delivery truck. The force of the impact caused the truck to jump the curb and knocked down a UPS driver.

“The car was coming basically maybe 90-100 mph,” a witness told a local news outlet.

The vehicle spun across the road and collided into the side of a tractor-trailer, as seen in a video posted on the Citizen app. The driver did not suffer any serious injuries. However, Williams was pronounced dead at the scene.

Loving Tribute

Via AP

“As a mother, a mother don’t want to go through this,” the victim’s mother, Keisha Francis, told local outlets. “I found her bracelet; I can’t sleep.”

A GoFundMe page was made for the victim’s family. The page reads, “The Yummy Fudge, or the good fortune as I fondly called her, was an absolute delight of a child. She was well mannered, hard working, very caring towards her siblings and always had a secret to tell me whenever I saw her. She was filled with teenage wit and a youthful glamour only she could carry.”

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