Uber Looking To Diversify With… Planes, Trains Rentals!

Uber is moving forward with its plan to become a travel “Superapp” and hopes to become a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

The tech giant, headquarted in San Francisco, announced that it’s adding car rentals, buses, and planes to its U.K. app this year. If all goes well, it could be expanded to other countries at a later date.

Uber will allow users to book these travel services through its app following software integrations with platforms that sell tickets – it will not provide the services itself, but it may take a cut on each booking. Uber will announce partners in the coming months.

“You have been able to book rides, bikes, boat services and scooters on the Uber app for a number of years, so adding trains and coaches is a natural progression,” said Jamie Heywood, Uber’s boss in the U.K.. “Later this year we plan to incorporate flights, and in the future hotels, by integrating leading partners into the Uber app to create a seamless door-to-door travel experience.”

Uber also plans to let people buy Eurostar train tickets through the app, allowing travelers to commute from London to Paris and other cities via the Channel Tunnel.

Uber has been behind it its “superapp” plans.

“It’s fair to say that Covid made it a little bit hard for us to progress as quickly as we would like,” Heywood reportedly told The Financial Times.

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