This is the last bullet you’ll ever need

The standard for anti-personnel bullets since the beginning of time has always been the hollow point. It mushrooms out on impact, giving the bullet a much larger profile and stopping it inside the target. Unlike the full-metal jacket, which is designed to wound, it will more than likely not pass through what you’re aiming at.

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However, since we started using weapons, humans have never stuck with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, and the bullet is no exception. This anti-personnel round not only replaces the hollow point bullet, it also makes it look like a sissy.

Meet the RIP round from G2 Research.  In this case, RIP stands for Radically Invasive Projectile.  This bullet looks scary, and it does scary things. It was intended to be used for gun-toting women against would-be attackers, and it’s guaranteed to kill anyone dumb enough to assault anyone who has this in the chamber. It is designed to defeat any barrier, including sheet metal, sheet rock, windshields, plywood and heavy winter clothing. And just for fun, you can use it to take down a watermelon, as seen in the video.

G2 calls it “the last round you will ever need” and describes its effects as “radically invasive.” As you’ll see in the video, the bullet doesn’t just stay in one piece upon entering its target. The round uses its forward momentum to send the edges of the bullet ripping apart into your attacker. This not only puts a round into the target, it also sends shrapnel into various parts of the body as well, effectively destroying vital organs.

G2 has a 9mm version and various other calibers, including the 45 and shotgun slugs.

You can find a distributor near you on their website. Click here for more info.

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